How to Wrap a Gift Basket

How to Wrap a Gift Basket?

Wait what? So, wrapping a gift in a gift basket is actually necessary?

Well, Yes, it is! I mean it’s not if you do not want to give your gift all beautiful. But if you really want to make an impression, you’ll have to go through the effort. It’s a part of the plan.

I see so many people who buy their loved ones the perfect gifts. But somehow, They still cannot manage to make the kind of impression that they could have made with that gift in their hands.

I’ve also seen people who would buy a very ordinary gift from the store, but they will wrap it up in the way that it will make a huge difference in their impression in front of the other person. You see, It’s all about wrapping up your gifts in the right way. Yes, that’s what matters as well.

How many people do not know what basket to get how to wrap up the gifts in the basket, different kinds of wraps for gifts and all.

To break it all down for you and have the best gift basket for your gift. I’ve made this expert guide as an expert gift wrapper.


Let’s get going to find out more

What is Wrap a Gift Basket?

First things first, what is Wrap a Gift Basket and why do you need to use it? A gift basket is any kind of basket that you use to place the different gifts that you wish to give somebody because putting them in the basket is easier than carrying them around and more elegant than just tossing them into a bag. It creates a creative and intuitive effect and makes the gift look more pleasing than any other way.

One of the best ways to wrap and give a gift to someone that looks great is to put it in a cute basket and Wrap a Gift Basket in the best way. You will need this especially if you have more than one gift for someone, or if you think the gift is small and you want to give some chocolates or flowers along with it.

Now, what you can do is you can wrap the different presents that you have in their own boxes or in different wrapping papers first and then put them in the basket and add some accessories or flowers, chocolates, snacks or any added piece of gift and then Wrap a Gift Basket for added effect.

First and foremost, where do you get the gift basket from? You can purchase a gift basket online on Amazon, there are affordable great gift baskets that you can use to put in the presents that you are giving. You can purchase these baskets from any other online shop too.

If you find that the gift baskets are a little over your budget, and the easier thing would be to buy normal baskets from fruit stores or any store. You will find those to be more affordable and you can decorate them into a gift basket, we’ll show you how later in the guide.  You can also use any old basket that you have at home that is good for nothing. Not so good for nothing now, is it?

However, if all of the above doesn’t work out for you or even the most affordable baskets are out of your budget, I understand. We have all been there. But what’s to worry, get on with making your very own wrap Gift Basket at home.

You can use most things that you already have at home or can get from the nearest mart! You could use old boxes and cut them out to make perfect boxes type baskets. You can use fruit baskets from your home. You can use ice-cream baskets or cardboard boxes to make some.

You can even use hard paper to make small mini baskets. All you have to do is add some ribbons, bows, and flowers, and there you have it a perfect DIY Gift Basket. You can find videos online on how to make a DIY Gift Basket for further tutorials.

Kinds of Wrap a Gift Basket

There are also different kinds of gift baskets. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are some that come in very small sizes that you can use for small presents like jewelry or a tie; some small households item or a decoration piece. You can easily fit them into the small-sized Wrap a Gift Basket.

The medium-sized would be an ideal Wrap a Gift Basket for most people; it can accommodate larger gifts along with some flowers on the side or a few snacks. They may be a little harder to decorate and slightly more expensive, but they are the best choice if your presents are larger.

The large size gift baskets are perfect for large gifts like huge make-up products such as an eyeshadow palette, a shirt, a larger décor piece. It is also the perfect size of a Wrap a Gift Basket if you are giving more than one gift along with some flowers on the side.

The Wrap a Gift Basket also comes in different shapes. Most of them are circular or oval-shaped, which are perfect for most gifts. Others come in a rectangular shape, which could be great for gifts that you need to align with the corners and arrange them in a rectangular way. It’s totally your call. They are both similarly decorated—no extra efforts.

The gift boxes also come in lower end to higher end kinds. Some baskets are a lower budget. You will find some great baskets in a lower budget, too; it’s all about creating art. You can never go wrong with the right, artistic skills. But sometimes, you do not have the time or energy to put into that kind of stuff.

For instance, if a friend’s birthday or Christmas party is tomorrow and you have a lot of work before that, you do not have the extra time to spend on creating art. In such times, you may want to spend an extra few bucks on a higher-end basket that is already decorated. Moreover, if you have to gift a present to someone special or someone for whom you may want something that is more elegant and modern, you may want to get a more expensive-looking basket than an average decorated Wrap a Gift Basket.

For instance, if you want to gift your boss a present right before your promotion interview, you don’t want to take the chance. I’m not saying that self-decorated baskets may not be a good thing, but sometimes, you want to give it that expensive-look.


Wrapping Presents


To put your presents into the Wrap a Gift Basket and create a well-packed look, you will need to wrap your presents. Now, you can use any paper you have at home, or get a wrapping paper from the nearest store. Make sure you have enough hand-space to work, so you don’t feel irritated and make sure you have more than enough wrapping paper for all the gifts, and the entire gift can be covered in it.  Make sure you have all the stationery store products you will need like scissors, glue, double-sided tape, extra ribbons and bows; additional cute accessories and some flowers would be great.

  • It is much easier to wrap any kind of a gift if it is in a box, so get a box and put your gift into it. If you don’t have a box, you can make one easily out of cardboard or hard paper, or you can just go with wrapping your gift neatly without it, but it will be harder and won’t look as neat. Next, measure the sides of your gift, and cut the wrapping material accordingly, cut a little extra to the sides to get around the edges.


  • Next, put your gift inside the box and place the box gently on the cut-out paper. Fold the paper to the top of the box and tape it on the side. You can use glue to stick it as well or use double-sided tape to avoid showing the tape for a neater look.


  • Next, fold around the other side of the gift and tap it just like you did the last one. Your box should be taped on two sides, and the top and bottom should be remaining.


  • You will want to fold the top and bottom parts in such a way as to avoid it looking untidy. Fold the paper inwardly in a triangular shape around both the left and right side at the top side of the box and then tape or glue it. Repeat the same with the bottom end of the box.


  • Your present is well-wrapped. You can decorate it by tying a ribbon around it vertically and horizontally to the side or in the middle and then ending it by tying a bow-shaped knot in the middle or a little above the middle. You can also add a bow if you have one instead of typing the ribbon, or you can add some other accessories like a small paper note tied with a wool string or a ribbon. You can also stick some flowers on top of it.


Once you have wrapped all your presents in this manner, put them into the gift box. Arrange them neatly with the larger things in the bottom and the back and the smaller in front and on top. Add some flowers on the side of the Wrap a Gift Basket to make it look more pleasing. You can also add some chocolates or little hand-written paper notes.

Then let’s get to the part where you Wrap a Gift Basket.


Wrapping the Gift Basket

It can be very tricky to wrap just gifts, let alone a whole Wrap a Gift Basket in a circular, rectangular or oval shape. But hey, I have you covered on this one too, you’re welcome. Once you have assembled all your gifts into the basket and added whatever extras you wanted to add, place your basket on an even surface, so the gifts don’t move around or fall during this process. You will also want the place where you are working to be big enough, so you don’t feel frustrated because there will be a lot of hand movements.

You will need cellophane for this step. However, if you can’t get your hands on one, you can use a fabric net or a printed paper, or any net that you have. The steps will be the same.

Roll the cellophane on the surface where you are working and let it even out. Place the basket in the middle of the cellophane. If the Wrap a Gift Basket is heavier, use more than one cellophane, so it is easier for it to hold.

Take the front and back parts of the cellophane and lift them, press them against the basket, while you cover both ends and meet the sides at the top of the basket. The sides of the cellophane will now stick out.

You will have two flaps on the sides of the basket. Make them crease at their bottom edges (just like any other gift box) and bring them in, doing the back flap first and then the front. Then fold the flaps in the front over the flaps in the back, making somewhat of V-shape on the sides with the creases. Now, secure the edges with tape.

Hold the cellophane on top of the basket and pull. Now start making frills in whatever way you like. Make cute smaller or larger frills. Fluff the top. Pull the cellophane again and now clinch it together on the top, so it is well secured.

Next, add your bow or whatever accessories you need to add. All baskets need a ribbon and bow, so use one at the sides of the basket. In the end, cover any awkward edges that are left uncovered with tape or accessories. Your gift basket should look perfect! Whoever you are gifting it to is going to love the packaging more than the gifts itself!


Well, I hope you found my guide on how to wrap up a gift basket quite useful and to your best knowledge. I hope it helped you figure out what kind of gift basket you need for what type of gift and how you can wrap your gift up easily.

Always remember that giving gifts in the best way is what makes an impression that lasts forever, which is why it has to be the best.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll gladly answer them.

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