Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

I have been a teenager once and never have I ever thought that I gave this tough time to my parents and loved ones to choose me a perfect gift. I only realized it when I had to buy it for my own. 12-year-old can be a little difficult to please as they are going through a transition phase in their life. They aspire to be ladylike, however, cling to their childlike obsessions, liking and habits. So, if you get them a gift suitable for any of the extreme age groups, they might end up not loving it.  That might be quite disappointing not just for you but also for them. Also, it is almost impossible to gift a teenager something that they may use for longer than a month. Thanks to their rapidly changing hormones. Therefore, it is always better to research before getting a gift for almost anyone. I did a lot of research for my 12-year-old to get her a perfect gift. I believe, a parent is always aware of the choices of their kids but sometimes those choices are out of the league for the parents to fulfill. Well, that does not mean you cannot make them happy or love the perfect gift for their special event. After researching, I thought to list down the perfect gifts for 12 years old girls to make your life easy. So that you don’t need to go through the hustle in finding the perfect gift for your perfect girl.

Mermaid Tail BlanketMermaid Tail Blanket

These mermaid tail blankets are the newest and coolest trend, and by no chance can a little girl dislike them. They are not very costly and are perfect for all seasons, can be worn in air-conditioned rooms in summers or when it’s chilly.

They can be worn in bed, on the sofa while watching a movie, while napping, while camping, etc. They are open from the top and the back, so they are very easy to get into and get out of. It is available in a variety of different colors of Gifts that you can choose from according to your little one’s taste.

The colors are aesthetic and very lively for little girls. It also includes a few different designs you can choose from. An easy way to stay warm and pretend to be a mermaid at the same time. It’s a very fun and useable Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls. The package also includes a little sequin mermaid keychain, which the little one will adore. The blanket is crocheted by hand and is very pleasing to the eye. Getting a gift like this will make your little one feel like a princess.

It can be used for multiple reasons, such as napping, watching a movie, etc.

Attractive Features:

  • Available in so many different beautiful colors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Warm and cozy.

Unattractive Features:

  • A little costly.
  • Shipping is not free.

Instax Mini 9 Instant Print CameraInstax Mini 9 Instant Print Camera

The Instax Mini is another amazing Gift For Girls to play with, make use of and show off about to their friends. As the era of technology is upon us, little children want to be a part of the technology world as well.

The Instax Mini is an easy way to ensure that they don’t feel left out but are safe too; it’s an easy beginners’ tool for a potential future photographer. The camera comes in four cute little colors to choose from: Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue, Cobalt Blue, Smokey White, and Lime Green, however the pink is most liked by girls this age.

The super bundle comes with a camera case to protect the camera, and pictures can be taken with the camera inside the case as well, keeping it secured.

It comes with different accessories such as Photo Album, Photo Stickers, 10 Mini Frames, Close Up Lens, etc. The pictures are printed in HD quality instantly after shooting and can be saved forever. It comes with an adjustable strap for carrying it around with ease. It’s a tool they are going to love and carry around all the time. Though it is costly for $74, the super bundle does justice to the price as it includes so many accessories with it. Happy Snapping!

Attractive Features:

  • Different and attractive colors to choose from.
  • It comes with so many accessories.
  • Print photos instantly.
  • Protection guaranteed with the super protective case.

Unattractive Features:

  • Price too high for a normal gift.
  • Amazon renewed the product.

Fashion Design Kit for KidsFashion Design Kit for Kids

If your little girl is a fan of fashion clothing and designing, this is the one for you. It is an amazing tool kit for all the Gift For Girls with innovative and creative little minds made for creating something new.

The kit includes over 50 pieces! Isn’t that amazing? Have you ever wondered about having over 50 dresses in your closet? It includes a lace-covered dress mannequin for trying on and checking all your ideas, a sketchbook for creating innovative and creative new designs, fabric samples to choose from, swatch booklet, trims, ribbons, tools, and embellishments to create your favorite designs.

It is extremely important for little kids to keep trying new ideas and creating new things as it nourishes their decision-making skills and helps with their brain development.

Little girls love new clothes in their favorite colors and designs, well this must be a dream come true. It comes with a step to step guide of all the things it involves to help little ones in understanding the basics of designing and helping them through every step of it.

Thes are Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls so you are never going to regret getting as little girls are going to be obsessed with it if it isn’t already clear how much girls love clothing and colors, this is going to prove it to you. It will keep them busy doing something productive while learning at the same time.

Attractive Features:

  • Over 50 pieces in one box.
  • Sketch pad and mannequin for trying out their lovely ideas.
  • It helps them learn and create.

Unattractive Features:

  • Pieces could be lost easily.
  • Just a little costly.

Enchantments Swan Lake Ballet Heart ShapeEnchantments Swan Lake Ballet Heart Shape Musical Jewelry Box

A cute little jewelry box for a princess! Little girls love watching princesses shows and then pretending to be princesses. They love to have toys that they can pretend to be princesses with and play around with.

This is an amazing choice of a unique gift for girls all such little angels who are obsessed with princesses and their accessories. This little jewelry box has a ballerina above it that spins with music, isn’t that magical? Just what a little girl would want. It opens into a box that is large enough to store all her little jewelry in.

This way her jewelry stays safe inside her favorite little toy that she can take with her wherever she wants. Little girls love carrying their prized possessions around with them to car trips and picnics, this box keeps it safe for them while giving a very princess type royal look to them.

They are going to be obsessed with it, no doubts! It comes in a beautiful heart shape that makes it even more attractive and royal looking. The cute little ballerina spins with music giving it a very aesthetically pleasing look and sound. She can listen to music as often as she feels like. It is a small little treasure box with so many cool features to turn your little one into a princess.

Attractive Features:

  • Tiny and cute.
  • Has a dancing ballerina giving it a royal look.
  • The music adds an attractive feature.
  • A safe place to store all her expensive jewelry.

Unattractive Features:

  • Pricey for a little box.
  • It may not be very useful.
  • It could be lost easily.

Fairy LightsFairy Lights

Another cute little gift for all occasions for your little princess! Who can deny the beauty of small little lights? They make the room look aesthetic, lights dimly but enough for you to see clearly and gives a very calm feel to the surroundings. Like I already stated, little girls, are obsessed with looking like and feeling like princesses.

Well, what better way to give them a royal look than cute little lights? These lights are waterproof LED lights, so it’s perfectly okay if your little one spills juice or water accidentally. No big deal, wipe it off.

The lights come with a battery source, so you don’t have to plug them into a power source or worry about hanging them in a safe place. It also gives the little one safety from electric currents or short circuits. They come with clip-ins for hanging different objects like photos or cute little toys.

You can hang in your favorite photos of the little one and her favorite toys so she can feel happy every time she looks at them. It’s a great Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls to hang around her mirror or bed or just like that on the wall. It will also give her the little dim lights during night time and give a pleasing, royal look to her room. It also comes in star-shaped lights, which make it more attractive for little girls.

Attractive Features:

  • It comes with clip-ins for photos etc.
  • Come with a battery source.

Unattractive Features:

  • The batteries will run out after some time and will need to be changed.

Nail Art Kit
Nail Art Kit

We all know this for sure, kids imitate what they see. They see their favorite movies and shows with their favorite actors all dressed up and looking classy. And what is one of the most noticeable things to them among makeup? The nails! Yes, little girls usually start their make up skills by applying lipsticks and nail colors.

A nail art kit is one of the best Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls as they are going into their teens and will get a lot into new makeup trends, especially for girls who love art and makeup more than others. It will enhance their art skills and cognitive abilities like fine motor skills. It will help them make use of their creativity doing something productive while learning at the same time.

It is great nail Gift for Girls with different tools for different nail art such as 16 pieces of Nail Decals with different designs to copy on their nails, 5 pieces of Nail Decoration Stones in different shapes to paste on top of the art and color, 5 pieces set of Nail Dotting Pen with which they can easily draw designs and art on their nails, 5 pieces Nail File Sticks for a manicure, 1 set of Nail Stamping Sponge on which designs can be sponged to be pasted on the nails, 5 wheels of nail decoration rhinestones, with different styles in multi-colors.

It helps little girls personalize the kind of nail art they want in a vast variety, a gift they are going to love and use for a long time.

Attractive Features:

  • Many different tools to use and add from.
  • Lets you personalize in a large variety.

Unattractive Features:

  • It comes without any special box packaging.
  • May cause mess around the house.

Apple iPod TouchApple iPod Touch

For the little girls who are all about technology: television, cellphones, cameras, music player, this has to be the best Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls ever. The Apple iPod touch in 32 GB provides enough storage to store all their favorite songs, movies and pictures. They can carry it around to their friends’ place, to picnic trips, to parks and take cute little pictures of themselves and their friends.

They can tune in to their favorite shows and use different applications for gaming etc. They won’t have to follow you around for your cellphone to play games on it. They can easily play their Disney and princess games on it.

It is an amazing gift for every little girl to use on her own and have fun. You can call them via video call and group family call when you’re away somewhere. It has an A10 Fusion chip that makes it perform faster than other devices this size.

It has a 4-inch retina display making the screen big enough for little girls to enjoy all their activities on. Although it may keep children from going and playing outdoors, it still provides different activities that help in the social development and cognitive development of children.

Attractive Features:

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Keeps them connected with you.
  • It has all their favorite songs and applications.

Unattractive Features:

  • Too costly.
  • Keeps children from playing outdoors and developing social skills.

The Harry Potter Great Hall Building Kit and MagicThe Harry Potter Great Hall Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy

Are these little gifts for girls to harry potter fans? Well, this is the one for her! The most perfect Gift For 12 Year Old Girls to any Harry Potter fan kid. Kids love to watch their favorite characters and play idealizing them. This game includes different characters such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore, and Nearly Headless Nick and Professor Quirrell.

It will give them a thrill to only hear these names. It consists of further 878 bricks with which the castle can be created. It also has the magical staircase of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which in itself is the greatest pleasures for Harry Potter fans to witness and play with it.

It comes with different accessories like magic wands, the Sorting Hat, and magical creatures like Basilisk, Fawkes, Scabbers, and Hedwig. So many features inside a single game! Isn’t that just unbelievable?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall castle building toy recreates scenes and locations from the iconic Harry Potter film series. Hogwarts Great Hall measures over 14 inches (37cm) high, 11 inches (30cm) wide, and 7 inches (18cm) deep. It is a great toy for kids aged 12, since it helps with their brain development and develops visual-motor skills; it is a source of great recreation for young kids.

Attractive Features:

  • Many different features in one single game.
  • Develops visual-motor skills.
  • Recreational toy with different Harry Potter characters.
  • The magical staircase of the castle makes it very attractive for young kids.

Unattractive Features:

  • Too costly for a game.
  • Pieces may get lost if not taken care of properly.
  • Little kids may choke on the small toy accessories.


What could little girls love more than a dollhouse for their little doll friends? A question I can’t answer. Little girls love their dolls more than most things in the world. They are their first toys and well, actually, even the last toys.

This dollhouse has to be one of the most perfect Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls and their little toy friends. If you’re a FRIENDS fan, you must remember the episode where Monica takes out her childhood dollhouse, and Phoebe brings little accessories for her. That’s how important dollhouses are for little girls.

This dollhouse comes with three levels, four rooms and a balcony, a gliding elevator for going between the floors, detailed scrollwork, smart, sturdy wood construction, three stories, and 13 colorful pieces of furniture for the dolls to sleep in and sit on. It can accommodate dolls up to 12″ tall which makes it very useful for girls even when they are up to 14 years of age. It has a full staircase that connects the first and second floors. It is large enough for multiple children to play with at once.

Attractive Features:

  • Large enough to accommodate many toys and dolls.
  • Many kids can play at once with it.
  • It comes with many different features and furniture.

Unattractive Features:

  • Little accessories can be choked upon by little kids.
  • Too costly.
  • It doesn’t come with dolls.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood 2.1 Bluetooth SpeakerAcoustic Audio by Goldwood 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

If your girl likes listening to music, you can get her these speakers to set in her room. It will make your daughter’s room the best and sometimes loudest room in your whole home.

These speakers come with a compact and powerful subwoofer. It has a power system of 200 Watts. The frequency response is 50Hz to 20kHz. It is ported for that extra bass everyone love. It also has an integrated audio amplifier.  The computerized closure design makes it look better. It has a full panel of a volume control knob.

It also has a fully functional remote control system and a rear panel bass control knob.. It has a USB input, RCA audio input/output, SD card input. The 2 Dynamic Satellite speakers are a full range. It is magnetically shielded for use near computers or TVs.

it produces a powerful, crisp sound. It has smooth connections are powerful sound production capabilities. The built-in Bluetooth system lets it connect to your phone, computer or tablet seamlessly and play music. The stylish and compact look contributes to the beauty of the room of the boy you are gifting it to. Overall it can connect to your Laptop or PC, mobile phone, gaming console, smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, DVD player, and home entertainment TV system.


The dimensions of the subwoofer are 8.5 x 4.75 x 7 inches

Dimensions of dynamic satellite speakers are 5.12 x 3.62 x 3.12 inches each.

Attractive Features:

  1. It can connect to many appliances
  2. It can connect through Bluetooth
  3. It can also play music from a connected USB
  4. The sound quality is best.
  5. It has a magnetic shielding system.

Dis-Attractive Features:

  1. You need to understand the control system as there are many buttons on the control panel

Buying Guide

  • You must keep in mind while buying a gift for a little girl to get her something she needs and likes, it must match her fields of interest; otherwise, she may not like it, and it may just be a waste of your money.
  • It must be useful for her. You may buy a gift that she likes very much, and it may be very attractive, but it’s no use if it only lies around the house and has no practical use.
  • It should yield to her learning. Young kids are very keen to learn new things, and their minds are at a stage of critical skill development. Get them something that helps them in learning new skills and making use of their current knowledge.
  • Please don’t get them something boyish. If you get Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls like a car or an airplane, she will not be as happy about it as she will be about a girlish toy so make sure to get a girl something girly. Some girls may be into boyish toys, but most of them are not, so you may consider asking once.
  • If you’re getting something for Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls, make sure to be age conscious. If you get her something too childish, she may not like it and may not be able to make much use of it. Similarly, if you get her something that is supposed to be for older girls, she may not know how to use it and might misuse it such as if you get a little girl an expensive makeup kit, she will not know how to use it properly and will mess it up so keep the age in mind while shopping.

Choosing a Gift For Girls an angel can be a little more complicated than it seems as little kids have very specific tastes in toys and games, and they are pretty stubborn about them. Choosing the right kind of present is important because you don’t just want to waste your money over something that will lie around the house and never be of any use, but then again, you can’t really buy something that wouldn’t even last a day, like a chocolate cake or a pack of m&ms.

Top 10 Interesting Gift For Girls

This makes it very difficult for an adult to decide what they should Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls because of the big age difference and the constant change of interests of children according to the changing times.

While little girls would have wanted a small jewelry box ten years ago, the little girls nowadays may be more interested in getting a camera to take cute little photos of themselves and their toys. So, let us help you look through the different options you can select from, according to your own choice, the likeness of the little one, and the price range you can afford.


All the above-listed girls are the ones that could never harm your child. As a parent or an elder, you always want to get your loved one, that too a 12-year-old girl, a perfect gift that would startle at your choice as well as you want them to be safe. You don’t want to blame yourself for giving her a gift that might make her very happy but might turn out to bad for her in some way.  Therefore, I can assure you that choosing from the aforementioned gifts, you will never have to worry about both, their liking as well as their safety. Not just parents, even the aunts and uncles, cousins and friends can also choose from the above list for the perfect gift. I hope that my research helps you in tackling your greatest problem of hunching a supreme present for your girl.

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